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NATURAL Homes Tour

After many years of hosting a one-day Ontario Natural Home Tour, we have decided to transition to a by-appointment system, allowing interested tour-goers to contact homeowners directly, and arrange an appointment to tour their natural home.

We hope that these tours will provide an opportunity to step inside dozens of unique natural homes across Ontario, year round, and to see how they really look, feel and work.

If you would like a list of natural homes in Ontario, that are currently available for tours by appointment, please contact us. 

Our homes list attempts to feature a cross section of high performance sustainably built homes! Get ready to explore straw bale, hempcrete, straw-clay straw and rammed earth walls! While some homes might showcase living roofs, natural clay wall finishes, lime plasters & earthen floors others might incorporate alternative energy systems like solar and wind power or masonry stoves!. We are sure you will discover and learn something new!

If you have a home or building that you would like to have placed on our list, please email us.

The Ontario Natural Building Coalition would like to thank all the volunteer homeowners who have over the years graciously opened their doors and welcomed tour-goers. 

2021 Virtual Tour

Due to Covid-19 we were unable to offer our annual home tour in person, so we took it virtual!


We’ll keep you up to date and in the know on upcoming ONBC natural building events & news. 

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